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Agreements: PJM forms agreements with stakeholders to ensure the reliability of the electric power grid.
Manuals: The PJM manuals are the administrative, planning, operating and accounting procedures of PJM Interconnection.
Maps: PJM offers maps of its service territory.

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PJM 04.22.2014 Docket No. ER11-1844-002 PDF
On April 22, 2014, in Docket No. ER11-1844-002,PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. electronically submitted to FERC an answer to the Motion of the Joint Applicants to Lodge PARs Performance Evaluation Reports, filed on April 7, 2014 by the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. and International Transmission Company d/b/a ITCTransmission.
PJM 04.18.2014 Docket No. EL14-36-000 PDF
On April 18, 2014, in Docket No. EL14-36-000, PJM filed a Motion to Intervene and Comments of PJM In Support of FirstEnergy Solutions Corporation (“FES”) with respect to FES’s Petition For Declaratory Order on calculation of the Market Seller Offer Cap to be used in the upcoming Base Residual Auction in PJM’s Reliability Pricing Model. PJM commented that the MSOC FES seeks to use was calculated using cost-based energy offers consistent with PJM’s rules on the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff.
PJM 04.17.2014 Docket No. RD14-7-000 PDF
On April 17, 2014, in Docket No. RD14-7-000, PJM filed with the Commission Comments and Motion to Intervene Out of Time in response to a Petition filed on behalf of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation seeking approval of Reliability Standard PER-005-2 – Operations Personnel Training.
Transmission 04.16.2014 Docket No. ER14-1728-000 PDF
On April 16, 2014, in Docket No. ER14-1728-000, Commonwealth Edison Company (“ComEd”) submitted a ministerial revision to its formula rate in Attachment H-13A of the PJM OATT. ComEd revised the FERC Form 1 reference on Attachment 5 line 88 to match the 2014 FERC Form 1. ComEd has requested that the Commission accept this change effective June 1, 2014.
Transmission 04.16.2014 Docket No. ER09-1145-000 PDF
On April 16, 2014, Commonwealth Edison Company (“ComEd”) submitted for informational purposes its 2014 Annual Update in Docket No. ER09-1145. The formula rate implementation protocols in Attachment H-13B of the PJM OATT provide specific procedures for notice, review, and challenges to the annual update.
PJM 04.16.2014 Docket Nos. ER14-1461-000 and ER14-1461-001 PDF
On April 16, 2014, in Docket Nos. ER14-1461-000 and -001, PJM filed an answer to protests and comments to its March 10, 2014 filing in this proceeding which proposed changes under section 205 of the Federal Power Act to the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff and the Reliability Assurance Agreement Among Load Serving Entities in the PJM Region to reform current Reliability Pricing Model market rules that do not explicitly bar, and even incent, sellers in RPM’s three-year forward auction submitting speculative offers that can undermine the long-term reliability of the PJM Region.
Transmission 04.11.2014 Docket No. ER12-306-001 PDF
On April 11, 2014, in Docket No. ER12-306-001, Exelon Corporation, on behalf of its subsidiary Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, filed an amendment to its Federal Power Act Section 205 application for pre-approval of the recovery of prudently incurred costs of abandonment of the Dedicated Facilities Project if the project is abandoned for reasons’ beyond BGE’s control. The purpose of the amended filing is to provide additional information confirming that the load to be served has agreed that it will be responsible for such abandonment costs and not general system ratepayers.
Transmission 04.11.2014 Docket No. ER14-1708-000 PDF
On April 11, 2014, in Docket No. ER14-1708-000, Exelon Corporation ("Exelon"), on behalf of Commonwealth Edison Company ("ComEd"), re-submitted its request for the Construction Work in Progress and Abandonment Incentives Request for the Grand Prairie Gateway Transmission Line Project in eTariff format. The filing proposes revisions to Attachment 6 of the PJM Tariff Attachment H-13A. ComEd requested an effective date of May 21, 2014.