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Surety Bonds Opportunity

The goal of this problem statement is to initiate discussion regarding PJM’s Credit Policy and collateral definition within the Open Access Transmission Tariff that prohibits the use of surety bonds as an acceptable form of collateral. Allowing the use of this instrument warrants discussion and analysis as it will help market participants manage and optimize their collateral costs, while having minimal effect on PJM’s non-payment risk profile.

Proposed Timeline

Issue initiated: 1.11.2018
Work begins: 2.2.2018
Target Completion: 6.18.2020
Actual Completion: 6.18.2020

Issue Details

Stakeholder Body Credit Subcommittee
Facilitator Loomis, Harold
MC Approval Date 6.18.2020
Problem Statement/
Issue Charge First Read
Issue Catalyst Presented by Sharon Midgley, Exelon
Issue Status Awaiting Implementation & FERC Approval
Manual Changes No
Agreement Changes Open Access Transmission Tariff
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  • Completed Approved
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2.25.2021 -Filing-
Docket No. ER21-1211-000  PDF