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RTEP Market Efficiency Analysis

In an attempt to ensure proper benefit of Market Efficiency proposals are captured in the evaluation process, the current methodology in developing Market Efficiency benefit calculation should be reviewed and necessary enhancements to address existing uncertainties in the calculation may be adopted.

Proposed Timeline

Issue initiated: 1.11.2018
Work begins: 2.9.2018
Target Completion: 9.17.2020
Actual Completion: 9.17.2020

Issue Details

Stakeholder Body Market Efficiency Process Enhancement Task Force
Facilitator Barrett, Fran S.
Subject Matter Expert Perera, Asanga
MC Approval Date 9.17.2020
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Issue Charge First Read
Issue Catalyst PJM
Issue Status Closed
Manual Changes Yes
Agreement Changes Operating Agreement
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6.28.2019 -Filing-
Docket No. ER19-2301-000  PDF
8.22.2019 -Order-
Docket No. ER19-2301-000  PDF