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Fuel Requirements for Black Start Resources

Existing Black Start Replacement processes as developed by the System Restoration Strategy Sr. Task Force includes the 5 Year RTO Wide RFP process, the Incremental RFP process (to address black start shortages between the 5 Year RTO Wide RFP cycles), and the Reliability Backstop process (in the event that the RFP processes do not result in viable Black Start Service solutions). Assessment of fuel supply capabilities for black start RFP proposals has been a part of these RFP processes, but was included with other technical, operational and cost factors. There is currently no fuel assurance requirement for black start resources, other than an existing OATT Schedule 6A provision for black start units to maintain fuel to allow for 16 hours of run time. With the increased industry focus on fuel security, PJM is questioning whether this existing requirement is sufficient for black start resources of all fuel types. This issue will be worked as follows: Operating Committee (OC) for black start fuel requirement(s), testing requirement(s), transition process; Markets Implementation Committee (MIC) for compensation issues.

Proposed Timeline

Issue initiated: 7.26.2018
Work begins: 12.3.2018
Target Completion: 6.30.2022
Actual Completion: TBD

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Stakeholder Body Operating Committee
Facilitator Fabiano, Janell L.
Subject Matter Expert Schweizer, David P.
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Issue Charge First Read
Issue Catalyst PJM
Issue Status On-Hold
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