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Fuel Security

The Fuel Security Senior Task Force (FSSTF) will determine what it means to be fuel/energy/resource secure and compare potential mechanisms to ensure and value fuel/energy/resource security in PJM. The FSSTF reports to the Markets and Reliability Committee (MRC).

Proposed Timeline

Issue initiated: 3.21.2019
Work begins: 4.5.2019
Target Completion: 12.19.2019
Actual Completion: 12.19.2019

Issue Details

Stakeholder Body Fuel Security Senior Task Force
Facilitator Carroll, Rebecca
Subject Matter Expert Horger, Timothy
Problem Statement/
Issue Charge First Read
Issue Catalyst PJM, in response to FERC Docket AD18-7-000 (Grid Resilience in Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators)
Issue Status Closed
Manual Changes No
Agreement Changes Operating Agreement, Open Access Transmission Tariff
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