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Committees & Groups

State Commissions

State commissions are public utility commissions that regulate electric utilities in their states. They are responsible for retail rates, terms and rules and regulations that apply to the electric utilities in their jurisdiction.

PJM provides a workplace  for all state commissions. State commissioners and commission staff may request access through the workplace link if they do not already have access.

Authorized Persons Schedule

PJM maintains a Schedule of Authorized Persons for any state commission that is authorized to receive confidential data per PJM’s Operating Agreement. Authorized commissions may update their authorized persons list through the State Commissions workplace. The workplace also outlines the process and requirements for a non-authorized state to become authorized.

Indiana   |  Maryland   |  New Jersey   |  Ohio   |  Pennsylvania   |  Virginia PDF

To update Schedules of Authorized Persons fill out the Form for Authorized Commissions.