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Station Service Rates

At the April 17, 1986 Operating Committee (OC) meeting (OC 366-Item 6B), the OC modified a Cost Development Subcommittee proposal to base the subject component of steam unit start cost on the 12-month average PJM off-peak billing rate, updated quarterly. Billing rates have subsequently been replaced by locational marginal prices.

Q1 Reference Letter
2019, 4th Quarter  $24.79/MWh   9.6.2019 PDF
2019, 3rd Quarter  $26.00/MWh   6.17.2019 PDF
2019, 2nd Quarter  $27.22/MWh   3.5.2019 PDF
2019, 1st Quarter  $31.79/MWh   12.11.2018 PDF
2018, 4th Quarter  $30.57/MWh   9.6.2018 PDF
2018, 3rd Quarter $29.92/MWh 6.6.2018 PDF
2018, 2nd Quarter
3.9.2018 PDF
2018, 1st Quarter
12.7.2017 PDF