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Capacity Capability Senior Task Force

The Capacity Capability Senior Task Force (CCSTF) will develop the provisions necessary to establish an Effective Load Carrying Capability (ELCC) method for calculating the capability of limited duration resources. These will include energy storage resources and intermittent resources, such as wind, solar, hydroelectric power with and without storage reservoirs, and other renewable resources. Because the number of hybrid resources in the generator interconnection queue is increasing rapidly, the capability of hybrids will also be addressed in this effort. The CCSTF reports to the Markets and Reliability Committee (MRC).

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Facilitator: Melissa Pilong
Secretary: Jaclynn Lukach

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Roster PDF | Updates

Problem Statement PDF 3.30.2020
Issue Charge PDF  3.30.2020

10.30.2020 Filing - RAA Revisions
Clean | Redline PDF
10.30.2020 Filing - Attachment DD Redlines
Section 5.10Section 5.14 | Section 5.6 PDF 

Meeting Materials

 10.8.2020 - Capacity Capability Senior Task Force

 9.11.2020 - Capacity Capability Senior Task Force

 8.17.2020 - Capacity Capability Senior Task Force

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