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Through the My Membership feature in the Membership Management Community, users are able to view and take action on their membership application process and request authorization for other users in the application process, as well as access knowledge articles to assist users in the process. Our goal is to streamline interactions with PJM’s Member Support Services to save you time and better serve your needs.

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Through the My Membership feature in the Membership Management Community, you can:

  • Track the real-time status of your membership application
  • Submit documentation for application
  • Access a repository of articles or answers to previously submitted questions

Contact Management

Through the Contact Management feature, users are able to manage who is representing their company for various member-level roles at PJM. Our goal is to provide a “one stop shop” for members to maintain member contact information for PJM defined roles. The new tool allows for easy maintenance of contacts and role assignments and a transparent and centralized process for improved data quality. It provides enhanced security by establishing “contact managers.” Authorized contact managers are responsible for creating contacts and assigning roles for their organization.

Through the Contact Management feature, contact managers can:

  • Create contacts and assign these contacts to roles
  • View the contacts and assignments for their member company
  • Edit contact information and role assignments

Contact Manager Authorization Form PDF - Designate and change contact managers for a member company. Contact managers have the authority to maintain contacts and member role assignments in the Membership Management Community.

Role Definitions PDF – Explanation of member-level roles for Contact Management

Contact Management: Quick Guide | User Guide | FAQs PDF

Video Tutorials for Contact Managers