PJM is performing system maintenance to Markets Gateway in the production environment on Thursday, Jul 18, from 3-5 p.m. EPT (1500-1700 hours). This maintenance will cause an outage, up to two hours, to Markets Gateway. Stale data will appear on Data Miner, PJM Now, and LMP postings on Data Viewer and on the Markets and Operations page of PJM.com.

Tool Login Maintenance

PJM will conduct maintenance for PJM Tools login on Friday, July 19, from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. EPT (1000–1830 hours). During this maintenance period, logging into PJM Tools (excluding PJM.com Corporate Website) may require re-authentication. This could potentially result in stale data on PJM's homepage, Markets & Operations, Planning Landing pages, PJM Now, Data Miner, and Data Viewer.

Serial Service Request Status

In accordance with the Tariff Part VII, Subpart B, section 304, PJM performed a load flow analyses (Transition Sort Retool) on 616 projects in the AE1-AG1 queues to determine whether each project would either:

  1. (i) qualify for the Expedited Process or
  2. (ii) be reprioritized to Transition Cycle 1 (TC1).

Projects with the text “moved to TC1” next to their queue number on this page were determined to be not eligible for the Expedited Process and therefore have been included in TC1. 

The study reports for the projects that have moved to TC1 are no longer valid and will be retained on this page for record purposes only.

As of May 2024, TC1/Decision Point 1, PJM released updated Phase 1 System Impact Study reports that are available on the Cycle Services Request Status page.

Definitions of terms and columns can be found in the Excel file linked below.

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