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If you are working the in capacity of a practitioner and are subject to the PJM Training and Certification requirements, login to the PJM Learning Management System (LMS) for information about your training plan.

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Upcoming Events

Training Event Location Start Date End Date Availability
LSE Basics Virtual 10.03.2022 10.03.2022 Open   Open
Energy Markets for LSEs Virtual 10.05.2022 10.05.2022 Open   Open
Transmission Initial Training Program (ITP) Audubon, PA 10.24.2022 10.28.2022 Open   Open
System Restoration Workshop Audubon, PA 10.27.2022 10.28.2022 Open   Open
Demand Response Overview Virtual 10.31.2022 10.31.2022 Open   Open
Economic DR in Ancillary Services Markets Virtual 11.02.2022 11.02.2022 Open   Open
Generation Initial Training Program Audubon, PA 11.07.2022 11.11.2022 Open   Open
Market Optimization Workshop Audubon, PA 11.15.2022 11.17.2022 Open   Open
Market Efficiency Training Virtual 11.29.2022 11.29.2022 Open   Open
Demand Response Load Management Registrations Virtual 12.07.2022 12.07.2022 Open   Open
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