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Net Energy Metering Senior Task Force

The creation of a Net Energy Metering Senior Task Force (NEMSTF), under the auspices of the PJM Markets and Reliability Committee was recommended by the PJM Transmission Owners Agreement – Administrative Committee (TOAAC) to facilitate the direct connection, either to the transmission systems of PJM transmission owner members and / or the distribution systems of PJM Electric Distribution Companies (EDCs), of Net Energy Metering (NEMs) projects who will generate in excess of their own consumption, thereby effectively injecting that excess into the grid, resulting in the sale of excess generation into the wholesale market.

In particular, the NEMSTF will work with the appropriate PJM personnel and other stakeholders to recommend necessary modifications to tariffs, PJM manuals, and PJM business rules as well as support the scoping and conceptual design of the potential changes to settlements systems and the generator interconnection process.

NEMSTF Final Report PDF
NEMSTF Report & Proposed Manual Revisions PDF  

Facilitator: Fran Barrett
Primary Secretary: Joe Callis
Alternate Secretary: Brad Smith

Meeting Materials

 5.23.2012 - Net Energy Metering Senior Task Force Meeting

 4.16.2012 - Net Energy Metering Senior Task Force Meeting

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