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Code of Conduct

The PJM staff operates under a strict Code of Conduct PDF that commits employees and the organization to the highest ethical standards. "Service with Integrity" is the guiding principle in all of PJM’s business dealings.

The code applies to all employees of PJM, including full-time, part-time, co-op, summer-student and sole-source agency personnel.PJM Code of Conduct Staff members must sign an agreement each year indicating that they will comply with the terms of the code. The code requires that if an employee owns any securities issued by a PJM member, eligible customer or market participant, the securities must be sold within six months of the start of employment at PJM. The same six-month rule applies to the employee’s spouse and dependent children.

The code addresses a wide range of matters in PJM’s transactions and business dealings. The code includes provisions for information confidentiality, open communications, conflicts of interest and regulatory requirements.