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2021 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan Report

PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan identifies transmission system additions and improvements needed to keep electricity flowing to the millions of people throughout PJM’s region. PJM’s annual RTEP Report describes transmission study input data, processes and results, as well as PJM Board-approved transmission upgrades and process changes during the previous year. Periodically, PJM publishes white papers that present study input parameters and address transmission planning topics of current stakeholder interest.

RTEP In Review
2021 RTEP in Review

The 2021 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP) PDF (43 MB) report includes a summary of reliability, market efficiency and operational performance studies. This year’s report also includes discussion of RTEP process enhancements that were completed or initiated in 2021, as well as shifting trends in generation fleet changes driven by new renewable fuel generator interconnections.

The report describes the annual RTEP process, including the NERC and regional planning criteria that drive the analysis, and the resulting studies and proposal windows. Specific results from studies conducted throughout 2021 are summarized, including baseline reliability, market efficiency, operational performance, transmission owner criteria analyses and interregional studies.

In addition to the presentation of PJM-wide results, PJM presents state-by-state summaries of planning activities that occurred in 2021.

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