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What is CEII?

Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) means specific engineering, vulnerability or detailed design information about proposed or existing critical infrastructure that:

  • Relates details about the production, generation, transportation, transmission or distribution of energy
  • Could be useful to a person in planning an attack on critical infrastructure
  • Is exempt from mandatory disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act
  • Does not simply give the general location of the critical infrastructure

Requesting information that contains CEII

  • PJM will use the information provided by the requester in the PJM CEII Request Form to (1) establish whether a requester has presented a legitimate need for the CEII; and (2) weigh the need for the CEII against the potential harmful effects of its release.
  • PJM will confirm the authenticity of the CEII requester and whether the request is consistent with the requestor’s business or educational interest as determined from a review of publicly available data such as the requestor’s website.
  • If PJM is unable to determine requestor’s business or educational interest in such data, the request will be denied.
  • A requester shall provide additional information (beyond the PJM CEII Request Form) to PJM upon PJM’s request.