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DER & Inverter-Based Resources Subcommittee

The DER & Inverter-Based Resources Subcommittee (DIRS) is an ongoing subcommittee established by the Market Implementation Committee (MIC) at its July 8, 2020 meeting. The purpose of the DIRS is to provide a stakeholder forum to investigate and resolve specific issues and procedures in accordance with PJM stakeholder process protocols related to Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and inverter-based resources. For the purposes of this subcommittee, DER is defined as any generation or electric energy storage resource connected to the distribution system and/or behind a load meter. Inverter-based resources are any resource type using powered electronic equipment to convert direct current to alternating current (DC-to-AC) in order to synchronize to the electric system.

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Chair: Ilyana Dropkin
Secretary: Luke Zinszer

During the meeting, if you are experiencing issues with connectivity or teleconference, please contact Meeting Support. For registration issues, contact PJM.

Roster PDF

DER Participating as Demand Response - 2021 Report PDF
Charter PDF
Hybrid Resources Issue Charge PDF 
Hybrid Resources Problem Statement PDF 

Meeting Materials

 7.20.2022 - DER & Inverter-Based Resources Subcommittee(Canceled)

 1.14.2022 - DIRS-EDC Coordination Workshop

 8.17.2021 - DER & Inverter-Based Resources Subcommittee

 8.16.2021 - DER & Inverter-Based Resources Subcommittee

 8.10.2021 - DIRS - EDC Coordination Workshop

 5.5.2021 - DIRS - EDC Coordination Workshop

 4.16.2021 - DIRS - EDC Coordination Workshop

 3.15.2021 - DIRS - EDC Coordination Workshop

 1.19.2021 - DIRS - EDC Coordination Workshop

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