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Energy Price Formation Senior Task Force

Changes in fuel and technology combined with a slow-down in demand growth are influencing the markets and have revealed an opportunity to enhance energy market pricing so that prices accurately reflect the true incremental cost of serving load and minimize the need to recover those costs through out-of-market uplift payments. The Energy Price Formation Senior Task Force will evaluate proposals to enhance incentives for following load and increase flexibility to meet future electricity needs as directed by the Markets and Reliability Committee.

Facilitator: Susan Kenney
Secretary: Andrea Yeaton

During the meeting, if you are experiencing issues with connectivity or teleconference, please contact Meeting Support. For registration issues, contact PJM.

Roster PDF | Updates

Final Report PDF  12.12.2023
Charter PDF  4.27.2022
PJM Board Letter Regarding Energy Market Price Formation PDF
ORDC & Transmission Constraint Penalty Factors: Problem Statement | Issue Charge PDF
Energy Price Formation: Problem Statement | Issue Charge PDF
FAQs PDF  1.22.2018

PJM FERC Filing Simulation Results
Summary | Results PDF
Simulation - Total Daily LMP XLS
Simulation - Results XLS  4.10.2019
Simulation - Fast Start Pricing - Results Hourly LMP XLS   6.28.2019
Uncertainty Data for ORDC   
30 Minute | 60 Minute XLS   5.8.2019
OPSI Requested Simulation Results
PJM/OPSI Energy Price Formation: Summary PDF | Results XLS 3.28.2019

Price Formation Education Sessions
Education Material for Proposed Goals PDF
Summary of PJM Proposal and ORDC Presentations PDF   10.22.2018

Meeting Materials

 12.12.2022 - Energy Price Formation Senior Task Force(Canceled)

 10.17.2022 - Energy Price Formation Senior Task Force(Canceled)

 1.25.2022 - Energy Price Formation Senior Task Force(Canceled)

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