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Stakeholder Process Forum

The Stakeholder Process Forum (SPF) is a group established to ensure continued successful implementation of the provisions of Manual 34: Stakeholder Process and the Consensus Based Issue Resolution (CBIR) Process. It is structured to develop a partnering arrangement between Members and PJM for successful CBIR implementation and to provide support by Members to PJM on CBIR implementation.

It provides an opportunity to raise concerns, suggest improvements in implementation, and discuss potential modifications to Manual 34. Members may bring suggestions for improvements in process and practices. The SPF is a non-decisional group and provides informational reporting to the Members Committee. Proposed Manual 34 revisions resulting from SPF initiatives will be considered and approved by the Members Committee.

Meeting Materials

 9.18.2020 - Stakeholder Process Training: Part 2 - CBIR Process

 9.16.2020 - Stakeholder Process Training: Part I - Governance

 12.2.2019 - Stakeholder Process Forum

 6.25.2019 - Stakeholder Process Training

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