Markets & Operations

Planning Center Release Notes

System Requirements

Queue Point Version 5.4.26

Release Dates

Training: 11.1.2022
Production: 11.1.2022

About This Release

This is a minor maintenance release. This adds several new features to the TO dashboard.

Existing Feature Improvements

  • The TO dashboard view has been updated to include a download feature supporting XML downloads.
  • TOs can now download attachments.
  • TOs can now make comments on submissions.

Previous Releases

Release 5.4.24

Release Dates

Train: 6.6.2022
Production: 6.23.2022

About This Release

This is a minor maintenance release.

  • Verbiage has been updated for contact phone numbers and physical mailing addresses.
  • Verbiage is also clarified for wiring funds. This affects the confirmation screens and emails seen by a user after a successful submission.
  • The printed Attachment N will now automatically populate the energy storage resources fields for Minimum State of Charge and Maximum State of Charge if those values are supplied in the submission.

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