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Planning Criteria

PJM Planning Criteria
PJM conducts a comprehensive assessment of the ability of the PJM system to meet all applicable reliability planning criteria. Annually, PJM performs comprehensive power flow, short circuit and stability analyses as part of its Regional Transmission Expansion Planning (RTEP) process. This set of analyses assesses the impacts of forecasted firm loads, firm imports from and exports to neighboring systems, existing generation and transmission assets, and anticipated new generation and transmission facilities.

Transmission Owner Planning Criteria
Transmission Owner (TO) planning criteria can impose more stringent standards on RTEP analyses than PJM, NERC, RFC or SERC. These more stringent standards often arise to address specific system conditions such as in urban areas. TO and PJM planning standards are also important to RTEP analyses in light of NERC criteria which require that PJM and the TO specify the critical system condition to be tested in the application of NERC criteria.