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RTEP Development

Planning the enhancement and expansion of transmission capability on a regional basis is one of the primary functions of regional transmission organizations like PJM. PJM implements this function pursuant to the Regional Transmission Expansion Planning (RTEP) process set forth in schedule 6 of the Operating Agreement WEB | PDF.

RTEP Development Process

PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP) identifies transmission system upgrades and enhancements to provide for the operational, economic and reliability requirements of PJM customers. PJM’s region-wide RTEP approach integrates transmission with generation and load response projects to meet load-serving obligations. PJM currently applies planning and reliability criteria over a 15-year horizon to identify transmission constraints and other reliability concerns. Transmission upgrades to mitigate identified reliability criteria violations are then examined for their feasibility, impact and costs, culminating in one plan for the entire PJM footprint.

Expansion Planning Process

The rules and procedures for the RTEP process are set forth in schedule 6 of the Operating Agreement WEB | PDF. In accordance with those rules, PJM prepares a plan for the enhancement and expansion of transmission facilities in the PJM region. Additionally, the PJM manuals describe the details of the RTEP process. In particular, PJM manuals address PJM’s regional planning process. PJM’s RTEP process preserves the reliability of PJM’s interstate transmission system to ensure that power continues to flow reliably to customers and to ensure robust, competitive power markets. This section provides access to the specific agreements, forms, instructions, procedures and general reference materials used to initiate and process generation and merchant transmission interconnection requests.

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