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Queue Point

All new interconnection service requests must be submitted through the Queue Point tool.

Failing to submit a complete interconnection request and/or missing the various interconnection request due dates as set forth in the Open Access Transmission Tariff may result in your interconnection request being terminated and withdrawn. Please see Part IV of the Tariff PDF for interconnection request submittal and/or deficiency review details.

User Guide PDF
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PJM Dynamic Model Development Guidelines PDF

Submit data for:

  • Generation Interconnection
  • Transmission Interconnection
  • Incremental Auction Revenue Rights upgrades
  • Generation interconnection of 2 megawatts or less
  • Interconnection service agreements for certified inverter-based generating facility
  • System impact studies
  • As-built studies

Notice: The pre-application process for small generation interconnection requests (see OATT, Subpart G of Part IV) will be retired upon the effective date of PJM’s transition to the new interconnection process.

In lieu of this pre-application process retirement, prospective interconnection customers may access the Queue Scope tool to screen potential points of interconnection as an alternative capability for assessing generator impacts on the grid.

Please visit the Planning Center page and scroll down to the section on the Queue Scope tool.

For additional information on the transition to the new interconnection process, please visit the Interconnection Process Subcommittee page for upcoming meetings, posted training material, and an FAQ section.

Generation Construction Phase

Exhibit 1: Transmission Owner Standard Invoice Form F XLS
Exhibit 3: Interconnection Service Agreement/Interconnection Construction Service Agreement Scope Change Form XLS 
Wholesale Market Participant Agreement Construction Guide PDF 

Consent to Assignment Agreement Templates

Project Assignment PJM Contact Consent Documents
Prior to Interconnection Service Agreement, Wholesale Market Participant Agreement or Upgrade Construction Service Agreement execution
Interconnection projects project manager
For Cycle Projects:
Combined Buyer-Seller DOC
Seller DOC
Buyer DOC
After ISA and prior to commercial operation (i.e. during construction)
Infrastructure coordination project manager

Assignment to:
Lenders DOC
Other Than Lenders:
Agreement to Amend per Assignment without Prior Consent Template DOC
Consent to Assignment and Agreement to Amend Template DOC

After commercial operation1
PJM client manager

1Generator owners or merchant transmission facility owners that wish to assign their facility to another entity or to perform a lender transfer after commercial operation shall follow the following instructions: 

Notify your intent to your PJM client manager a minimum of 90 days prior to the financial transfer to assure adequate time to make necessary agreement modifications and filings with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Identify to PJM all existing underlying affected agreements, such as Power Purchase Agreements, two-party interconnection agreements, PJM Interconnection service agreements; and

Identify any changes to the facility that have occurred since the current effective agreement was executed that are not currently documented in the existing agreement, such as scope change documents from construction, retirements of units depictured or described in the agreement, modifications to the facility that would be reflected on a one-line diagram. 

PJM will review the proposed assignment and existing agreements to determine the proper documentation and filings necessary to effectuate the requested asset transfer or lender change.

For more information on deposits, please refer to the Open Access Transmission Tariff.


(866) 400-8980
(610) 666-8980
Member Relations

Training Video | User Guide PDF


Interconnection Service Agreement (ISA) Education (for ISAs issued prior to 7.10.23)
Membership & Market Participation Requirements for Generation Interconnection Process PDF
Generation Telemetry List XLS
Generator Onboarding FAQs PDF


M-14 series - specific business rules under which PJM affects the entire regional transmission expansion planning (RTEP) process, including the details associated with the scope and procedures associated with the planning results and upgrades described in this report


Operating Agreement WEB | PDF - Schedule 6
Open Access Transmission Tariff WEB | PDF
- describes the interconnection request process for generating resource interconnection, merchant transmission interconnection as well as specific process provisions to address long-term firm transmission service and auction revenue rights.

PJM’s competitive planning process resources provide RTEP stakeholders the business rules, methodologies and tools necessary to implement Operating Agreement, schedule 6 transmission planning process enhancements and Open Access Transmission Tariff, schedule 12 reforms.

Business Forms & Instructions

Officer Certification for Transition Cycle 1 Readiness Site Control DOC
Agreement to Amend Template DOC
Transmission Owner/Generation Owner Phasor Device Registry Form XLS
Confirming Letter of Credit for Interconnection Agreements - Version 2 - Effective 4.2.2021 DOC
Confirming Letter of Credit for Readiness Deposit Letters of Credit DOC
Refund Info – Wire Verification Form DOC

Letters of Credit & FAQs

Issuing Financial Institutions PDF
Letter of Credit - GIA/EPA/UCSA DOC
Letter of Credit - FAQs PDF
Letter of Credit - ISA DOC
Readiness Deposit Letter of Credit DOC

LOC Increase Amendment DOC
LOC Reduction Amendment DOC
Expiration Date Amendment DOC
Project Developer or Applicant Amendment DOC

Stakeholder Groups

Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee

Notice of Intent to Transfer CIRs

Notice of Intent to Transfer CIRs DOC